Counselling can help us when we are going through difficult moments in life. The Social Factor provides counselling sessions to help individuals, couples and families negotiate various trying situations:

  • For individuals/couples seeking to explore a relationship or marriage.
  • For married couples seeking advice on starting a family; in relation to issues such as fertility/IVF, miscarriage, adoption and fostering; or couples going through various marital challenges.
  • For parents with young children or teenagers on how to manage various life challenges such as social-emotional issues, special needs, sexuality etc.
  • For children/adolescents/adults with social-emotional and special needs.
  • For young working adults who seek to hone their current skill-sets and optimise their performance in studies or in the workplace.
  • For working adults seeking to set fresh life goals and/or a new direction in life.
  • For individuals in transition – advice on career guidance and/or work-life challenges.

The Social Factor was appointed as the official counselling agency for At Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in 2017.


“Mark is a strong leader, able to envision plans in the long term, and willing to pursue unconventional and exciting plans. Many people let their dreams just remain as such, but Mark has been willing to put make them a reality, no matter how challenging. I only have thanks and immense gratitude for Mark’s encouraging me and teaching me over the years, both in my spiritual walk and life more generally.”

– Timothy Seow, Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.

“Mark has been a great friend and mentor. I got to know him at 17, when he led my bible study group at church. He’s an incredibly patient man who’s firm on his morals and yet kind and full of empathy. I’ve learnt a lot, and continue to have my perspectives on family, relationships and education refreshed by him.”

– Chia Han Sheng. Management Consultant in a global strategy & consulting firm.

Contact us at for more information or to book a counselling session.

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