About Us

What exactly is The Social Factor?

The Social Factor is the training arm of The Social Quotient, a consultancy and counselling agency based in Singapore. We believe in the centrality of social relationships. The Social Factor provides quality education and life skills training to help individuals develop a healthy sense of self worth; and in the process learn how to relate to others in a positive manner. We also provide consultancy services related to curriculum development as well as to the special needs community.

What are your key thrusts?

Building Strong Families.

Building Resilient Youth.

Building an Inclusive Society.

What exactly do you do?

We deliver a range of programmes including but is not exclusive to training in the areas of character and special needs education, leadership, mentoring, peer support, relationship building, parenting, cyber wellness, social-emotional learning, motivation and team building.

We are inclusion advocates, and we assist companies and schools in the design and construction of sensory rooms to help persons with special needs obtain the sensory input needed to achieve their fullest potential in learning and in play. We have assisted a number of educational institutions, children’s homes, family service centres and private companies to set up sensory spaces where people can relieve stress and obtain the much-need sensory input that would help them through their day.

I understand that you are also a counselling agency?

Counselling can help us when we are going through difficult moments in life. The Social Factor provides counselling sessions to help individuals, couples and families negotiate various trying situations in their lives. It is our belief that every person will benefit from counselling, and it is an important tool to help us gain insights into our lives.

And you also operate an online store?

Our store, Sensational Play, was started after we had conducted a training workshop for a group of teachers on how to help children with special needs in the classroom. Many questions were asked on where the teachers could purchase products for children with special needs. We promised to help source for them, but quickly realised that there was a limited range in Singapore, and that most of these specialised resources were very expensive. We resolved to help bridge this gap, and bring in the resources that are needed to help this special group of children develop to the fullest of their potential.

Why should you choose us?

Our principal trainers have more than 20 years of experience in the youth sector, teaching and influencing young minds to make a difference in the society that they live in. Click here to find out more about them.    We offer a range of services, including workshops and coaching/counselling sessions. You may view the photo highlights here.

How exactly did the name “The Social Factor” come about?

People are social beings, and without the ability to “socialise”, we become secluded from others and divorced from reality. The Social Factor recognises that each one of us has a “social” element in us; we need to connect with others in order to develop a holistic sense of self. Do read this article from our blog, Parenting on Purpose, explaining why being social is so important to us.