Wednesday Wellness with Mark

On 7 April 2020, the Singapore government imposed a series of measures intended to curb the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Termed as a “Circuit Breaker”, the move was intended to restrict movement and hopefully result in more people staying at home. It was originally meant to last to 4 May.

However two weeks later, on 21 April, the government decided to extend the “Circuit Breaker to 1 June.

At that point, it had been two weeks since the measures were first implemented; and Singapore society was already beginning to see the psychological impact of these measures. Given our perspective as counsellors and educators, we were aware of the stresses that people were going through. It was with this in mind, that we decided to start a new mental health series: Wednesday Wellness with Mark.

The series was broadcast every Wednesday beginning 22 April; and each podcast shared bite-size strategies that we felt would be of help to you as you Work From Home and engage in Home-Based Learning with your kids. These are some of the tips that are shared by The Social Factor during our training sessions in schools and in workplaces.

It was with this in mind that we hoped this series would provide a vitamin boost to your stay-at-home diet. Like a cup of fresh orange juice, we hope that our strategies would help you as you struggle to manage all that life dishes out to you.

The series was extended after the “Circuit Breaker” ended on 1 June; and it was intended for the programme to continue even during Phase 1 of the “Safe Re-opening of the Economy” period, when government measures were expected to be loosened, but yet retained many features of the “Circuit Breaker” period. The last session was broadcast on 6 June.

22 Apr 20: How to Overcome Negative Automatic Thoughts
What happens when you encounter a renegade thought? Do we allow these Negative Automatic Thoughts to derail our emotions and spoil our day?

29 Apr 20: The Importance of Setting Up a Support System
Do you have someone you can turn to when you’re feeling down? Is there anyone you can confide in to help you manage your emotions? 

6 May 20: Three “C”s to Honour Our Children
How are we coping with our kids around us all the time? Are tensions running high and emotions at a peak?

13 May 20: Guarding Against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
How has your relationship with your spouse been? Have things been tense and have there been more and more fights?

20 May 20: The ABCs of Meaning
Do we have the resilience to turn our life experiences into occasions for personal reflection and emotional recalibration?

27 May 20: Treasure Every Moment
We share one of our 10 Principles on How to Be a Better Parent – “Treasure every moment with our kids, both big and small. Surprise them with fun experiences and build memories that last a lifetime.”

6 June 20: Believe in Your Spouse

We share one of our 10 Principles on How to Really Honour Your Spouse – “Believe in him. Encourage him to pursue his dreams. Walk with him during moments both happy and sad.”